JGR is a Brand New Japanese Licensed Guide Community.
We introduce Cool Japan, teach basic Japanese language, and offer hand-made Walking Tours for you soon !  

2022/06/10 (Thu)
We have pre-opened our English version website for Japanese lovers around the world! Makoto  JGR 001


Facilitator of Japan Guide Revolution (JGR)
President of C&L Academy Co., Ltd.  Aizawa Makoto

Thank you very much for visiting JGR's English version website!
JGR was founded in 2022 as a brand new Japanese Licensed Guide Community.
Our members called JGR Friends have already passed the National guide examination, and accumulated experiences as a professional guide-interpreter.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I belonged to the leading bus company in Tokyo. And I was mainly in charge of the popular bus tours in Tokyo and Mt. Fuji area. Thanks to the company, staff, drivers, suppliers, guests, and all the people I have a connection with, I could have conducted more than 200 sightseeing bus tours, and guided over 4000 guests around the world. 

I have run my own small company relating to English education for Japanese since 2011.
In this English version website, we introduce cool Japan, teach basic Japanese language, and offer hand-made walking tours for you in the near future. We hope this website stimulates your interests in Japan, and makes you happy and smile before visiting our country!

JGR(Certified Licensed Guides)

Aizawa Makoto  EN 04831 【English / Tokyo】

Fujinaga Yasuhiro【English / Mie prefecture】